This week- BP025! 3/25

3/25! Nurses With Knives LP!
Few days left until we’re able to share this great sound with you!

I could speak volumes about the well-crafted quality of this wonderfully dark and brooding release, but if you caught a taste of Nurses With Knives with the last post>>[here] (hopefully you did)

–you know just what a treat is in store for you here!

so check back wednesday evening for the announcement–
and join us here for the release of our 30th record!

Nurses With Knives- Coming Up!

Hey everybody! March is here! That means we’re nearing the debut of a brand new release from an artist brand new to break pop records!

( 03/25! ) [BP025] Nurses With Knives LP !
Out this month the 25th, here’s a taste of the style!

Industrial / Dark / Noise / Sound / Ambient / Break / Experimental

This is gonna be a great release- I’m already in love <3