BP040 Track Update!

update on the 60 second compilation! We have now collected approximately enough tracks & commitments!

This is one kick-ass collection!
The following artists/tracks will be featured on the release:

Congrats to everyone who made the cut!
Ausland666 – La destrucci ón
Ayane Fukumi – Them’s The 8r8ks!
Bang Man – Johnson
Catdog – Linus and Booty
E Automation – Request for Stomach Pounder
Erohypnos – A Serbian Centipede
Fetal Distress & Red Ruler – Abusement Park
Insect Deli – Good for The Club
Make Bubbles – Computer Screens
Marcanta – Coulrophobia
No Pasaran! – Is a Raggae Junglepunk sellout
Producer Snafu – Don’t Hold Your Breath
RIZARDI – I Hate Twerk
Solid State – Throat Drainer
s_sto – ‘Hello Jeff ..’ [”dead computer//can’t finish” version]
That Horrible Red Ruler – Dingle is a World-Famous Mastermind
Tooth_eye – Fuckin’ Make You Into a Skin Shit Ya Fucktard
Wangled Teb – 60secTrukWreck

Please check the list, make sure your spellings/artist/tracknames are correct! If you see an error, or feel like you should be seeing your name/track on this list, hit breakpop@ or comp4@breakpoprecords.com with an email.
Stay tuned for release! Out 12 /30 /2015!