Catalog / Release Information:
Catalog # : [BP031]
Artist: Nurses With Knives
Release Title: “Collaborative Dissections”

Release Date: 05/31/2016
Release Format: 1CD Disc Release
Release Length: Tracks, 27:55s

01. Dissonance (3rd Movement) [01:57]
02. Nurses With Knives Vs. Pirtek- Family Of Flies Upon The Rotten Corpse [Pirtek’s Decay Mix] [05:25]
03. Nurses With Knives Vs. Pirtek- Skin Graft (Pirtek Reconstruction) [05:26]
04. Nurses With Knives and Miles Drake- Primitive Insinct [11:13]
05. She (previously unreleased demo) [03:51]

Download Links:
BANDCAMP: http://breakpoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/nurses-with-knives-collaborative-dissections
ARCHIVE : No Upload