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New Year Update!

Hey everyone and welcome to 2017!

Thanks to our 1$ Bandcamp sale we hit our hosting goal for the year- and our community servers are paid up until 2018! Thanks to the Community &  Break Pop OGs for another wonderful year!

This year we got some new shirts made (finally) and put out a radical release from one of our favorites, BP031/ Nurses With Knives  – Collaborative Dissonance !

Bad News, however:
Nixing the #100816 Comp! None enough of us were feeling sitting at the helm of a trump-related release, as it turned out! Ha

Last 5 Hours for Off-sizes!

last handful of hours to buy a shirt of ours from threadpost any size ENDING AT 5PM PST(5 hours)


important: we aren’t in need of these sales, but rather have been offered a way to sell non-standard (Read: Male, M/L) shirt sizes by beta-testing this new service from threadpost…
this service actually nets us fairly less than we do on our normal shirts, but if you need them in woman or child sizes, this is for you :D

New Tshirts & Threadpost


Hey Everybody!
We just got a new order of shirts-
are in stock now!  15$ Men’s L/M
Get your “I WILL NOT BE YOUR FRIEND” t-shirts for a limited time!
Sizing concern? Check here for size chart

Sizes- L | M
Look like the belle of the ball in this understated commentary on the artistic tastes of all those around you, as you make a stylish statement in this stylish shirt FEATURING a statement.

What is this Threadpost thing?
– small batch shirt orders cost us about 11$ per shirt… Add 4$ for shipping and handling to you and you’ve already got about 15$ a shirt.

Marginal profit to be had. However…

Threadpost costs us 2$ more per shirt (@13$ per), but that extra 2$ is assured profit, and no shipping to be paid. We don’t have to pay to have it shipped to us… then pay another ~4$ to shipping it to you!

So get them now from threadpost and help donate to our server hosting fund. Limited-time only!  Ends Oct. 26th