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Break Pop Site News

New Year Update!

Hey everyone and welcome to 2017!

Thanks to our 1$ Bandcamp sale we hit our hosting goal for the year- and our community servers are paid up until 2018! Thanks to the Community &  Break Pop OGs for another wonderful year!

This year we got some new shirts made (finally) and put out a radical release from one of our favorites, BP031/ Nurses With Knives  – Collaborative Dissonance !

Bad News, however:
Nixing the #100816 Comp! None enough of us were feeling sitting at the helm of a trump-related release, as it turned out! Ha

Mirroring Download Catalog!

Working to upload our catalog of releases to the new server!
In the meantime, why not peruse our many fine releases on Bandcamp? Much of our catalog is available there RIGHT NOW

visit and bookmark it today!
check back often for more quality downloads!

[ Check out our Catalog Online ]

Setting up!

Hey there visitor! We’ve been setting up a couple of application platforms to better serve the community, including this info source [/info/], a link resource index [/links/], and the long-awaited restoration of the underground breakcore wiki [/wiki/]!

As we get settled in to our new digs, you might notice some things here-and-there like broken links or… *gasp* typos.
Try not to freak out.

It’ll all be OK soon. ;))