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Not “Be Good”, think “Get Better”

New project coming up? Prone to ‘project anxiety’?
Learned a powerful tip to help this very issue.

Ditch the mindset of your goal being to “Be Good”
for the STRONGER goal of “Getting Better”.

It seems like a no-brainer, but anxiety is the enemy of creativity and fun.

    Why not “Be Good”?

When you focus on meeting a bar of quality, you end up being forced to continually ask “is this good?” “is it good yet?” and “will others think it’s good?” etc

Even the most self-assured person is bound to derail themselves with this sort of constant self-critique. Project Fatigue sets in. It stops being fun; and stops being completed. RIP Awesome Project you sank heart and probably peer favors into. RIP confidence.

    Why “Getting Better” is better:

Instead, if you look toward a goal of “Getting Better”, you are able to keep your mindset as “ah hey i’m not brilliant at this yet, but I’ll get better as I keep doing it.” Perfect!

With this mentality, your progress seems more rewarding– because you aren’t just checking items off lists that are holding you back from “Being Good”, with each incomplete item as just another example of why you aren’t at the goal of “Being Good” yet- instead you’re fully “Getting Better” with each improvement.
Focusing on the goal of improvement, you tend to shrug off your errors/failings, and look at your attempts/mistakes/delays as just steps along the way (instead of examples of why you are no good at what you are doing)

Adopting this “Get Better” mindset, you become more able to have fun- focus on your improvements & accomplishments, and shrug off your missteps, and above all- NOT BE ANXIOUS ABOUT STEPPING TO YOUR PROJECT, RELEGATING IT TO FOREVER-BACKBURNER-STATUS

Remember, all you need for your release version 0.1 is for you project to release! Iron out the unsightly stuff as you get better!