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A Link Index of Helpful Resources & Community/label Sites. 'nuff said.

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Additional Resources

The list from Breakcore Resource got too big so it moved here.

Programs & Tools

Internet Tools

Broadcasting & Stream Tools

OBS Open Broadcast Project open source broadcast& recording (streaming) software

P2P & Chat/Sharing

SoulseekQT aka slsk, new server/client
SoulseekNS original/old client&network

mIrc MIRC classic IRC client

Internet Health&Anti-Malware

Computer running like a more of a piece of shit than normal lately?
Probably time to scan that shit. Get yr clunker humming again- Here's how:
Malwarebytes AntiMalware
Spybot Search & Destroy
peerblock block unwanted local network traffic
hijack!this powerful tool for malware removal/detection (be careful)

File Tools

Archive Tools
.7z archive application
winrar archive application

Document Tools

Code & Text Editing
Notepad+ full-featured text editor
Brackets code editor

Document & Office Tool Suites
Apache OpenOffice
I.Scribe GREAT slim full-featured email client
OnlinePDF Converter need to jack with a pdf file? do it online!

Image Tools

LICEcap Super slim/simple screen cap to animated image program. A+
GiMP GiMP - Photo Editor
AESprite AESprite - Sprite & Pixel Editor

Admin & Power User Tools

Rufus Create Bootable USBs quick/no-fuss





Web/Print Design-Related Tools & Resources.

Type/Font need a font? look no further! Some great free fonts here if you are lacking.

Color Get darker/lighter shades of any web color Get colors from an Image!

Education, Information & Tutorial

General Education

Learn some shit- you know you want to.
MIT OpenCourseWare MIT course materials, online
Harvard Open learning Initiative

Internet & Work Team

Some useful infos for even those experienced with the web- take it one step further!


Check email from other accounts with Gmail

Sound, Music, Audio

Audio Production

Dogs on Acid forum old school internet tutorial forum. you should probably know this one already.

Music Theory Learn about Scales and Key Signatures


Tutorials & How-To

Robots.txt & Search Engine

Server Side Includes (SSI) Basics Tutorial

Business, Small Business, Running Projects

So you're doing it? Or you want to do it?
Here's some interesting links that might help.

Weblinks, Articles, and Reading

Team Productivity Tools - keep your files centralized across many PCs/users by sharing a virtual drive folder (or two). - useful team software similar to a combination of Mail/IRC. - voice chat & team communication software. great alternative to mumble.