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Welcome to the underground breakcore wiki.


So what is this site about?

What is this Site?

The Underground Breakcore Wiki!
...Why? Wikipedia is a very useful tool for connecting artists with new listeners, and listeners new artists.
However, many find Wikipedia to be edited largely by people who aren't actually ... 'In The Know' about the categories they edit.
what does this mean? well, odds are if you've ever tried to add anyone not totally huge to a music or artist list, someone deleted it.

we hold all artists and musicians on equal platform of respect, and believe that the connectedness of both the new and old is vital to the growth of this field we share.
basically- everyone starts somewhere.
it sucks to start out, not knowing what to even study, stumbling along- slowly learning.
the faster everyone stops sucking, the better everyone's music experience.

Community ? You're kidding right..?

Yeah, a 'breakcore organization' sounds like an oxymoron.
but there are those interested in community unity.

Community Portal
Soulseek Users
IM_USERS Instant Messaging Users

feel like putting yourself out there? add your usernames 
to the above pages, and get in touch with someone!

Breakcore Wiki News

our goal is to provide a 'go-to' place for checking on new releases from your favorite labels of this generation of breakcore, hardcore, whatever.
help out and keep us in mind when doing your new release publicity.